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Episode Transcripts

Episode 1. Knowledge is Power
Episode 2. Different types of acne are treated differently
Episode 3. Other conditions can look like acne, so don't be fooled
Episode 4. Only humans get acne. Here is why
Episode 5. How come only some people get bad acne?
Episode 6. The Acne Stopper - a Four Step Strategy
Episode 7. Acne, sugar, and sweets
Episode 8. The Mystery of Milk
Episode 9. Peanut-powered Breakouts and the Bittersweet Story of Chocolate
Episode 10. Iodine – a story of seaweed, bread, milk, salt, and supplements
Episode 11. A Lesson For Bodybuilders – Away with the Whey
Episode 12. Sleep, Stress and Acne
Episode 13. Picking – The Ultimate Acne Worsener
Episode 14. Should You Break Up With Your Makeup?
Episode 15. Blush Blunders and Foundation Folly
Episode 16. The Good News about Eye Makeup and Lipstick
Episode 17. Cleansers, Scrubs, and Ultrasonic Brushes! Oh my!
Episode 18. Moisturizer Meltdown
Episode 19. Sunscreens Sanctions
Episode 20. Shampoo Showdown and Pore-Clogging Conditioners
Episode 21. Friction, Occlusion, Mechanical Irritation
Episode 22. Birth Control Pills and other forms of hormonal contraception
Episode 23. Acne and Testosterone, hGH, and IGF-1
Episode 24. Acne and Other Drugs, including Marijuana
Episode 25. Topical Retinoids - The Cornerstone of most Treatment Regimens
Episode 26. Benzoyl Peroxide - an oldie but a goodie
Episode 27. Clindamycin - the topical antibiotic of choice
Episode 28. Combo therapy
Episode 29. Anti-acne Cleansers
Episode 30. Anti-acne Toner
Episode 31. Dietary Supplements for Acne
Episode 32. Zit Spot Treatments
Episode 33. The Blemish Buster - Azelaic Acid
Episode 34. Maxing Out - Maximal over-the-counter treatment regimens
Episode 35. Home remedies for acne - tea tree oil, vinegar, and more
Episode 36. What about topical dapsone (Aczone)?
Episode 37. Pros and cons of oral antibiotics for acne
Episode 38. The beauty of sub-antimicrobial dosing
Episode 39. Tetracycline, doxycycline, and minocycline
Episode 40. The most effective antibiotic for acne
Episode 41. Azithromycin for acne during pregnancy
Episode 42. Females only - Why am I getting hormonal acne?
Episode 43. Females only - The best treatment for hormonal acne
Episode 44. Females only - Flutamide, nilutamide, and bicalutamide
Episode 45. Females only - Acne and PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome)
Episode 46. Females only - Pregnancy and Acne
Episode 47. Isotretinoin - the drug formerly known as Accutane
Episode 48. Keeping comfortable on isotretinoin
Episode 49. USA only - iPLEDGE Program for isotretinoin
Episode 50. Prom Pills
Episode 51. Lasers and lights to treat acne
Episode 52. Chemical peels
Episode 53. Blemishes vs. Scars
Episode 54. Treating Acne Scars