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Azelaic Acid 20% Cream

Azaleic acid is made by a yeast called Malassezia which is normally found on people’s skin. It has antibacterial properties, and the skin yeast produces it in order to decrease the number of bacteria in its local environment. Keep in mind that bacteria and yeast are fighting for the same microenvironment on the surface of the skin, and the yeast have found that by producing this substance, they can inhibit the growth of the bacteria.

We can steal these antibacterial properties by borrowing this substance from the yeast and using it in a cream treatment for acne. This ingredient also helps fight dark spots and blemishes left behind in the wake of an acne breakout. Although this treatment is not the most powerful treatment on its own, it is a great team player in combination with other treatments. Although azaleic acid 20% cream is available by prescription only, a modified form of azaleic acid with enhanced skin penetrating ability is available without a prescription:
blemish spot treatment.

Of note, azaleic acid 20% cream is generally considered safe for pregnant and breast-feeding patients.