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Blemish-Fading Treatment

For most acne patients, when a pimple fades it can leave behind a blemish, which may be pink, red, or even brown. Dermatologists call these blemishes post-inflammatory erythema (red or pink) and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (brown). Many blemishes will fade slowly over months, but the combination of retinol and a powerful blemish-fighting ingredient called azelaic acid working together can really cut down the time it takes for blemishes to fade. These treatments are great for blemishes, but they do not help true scars. True scars are textural changes which can be felt by closing your eyes and running your finger over the affected skin. Blemishes cannot be felt in that way; they can only be seen.

We recommend this spot treatment for pink, red, or brown blemishes:

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Murad Recovery Treatment Gel
This gel is a great spot-treatment because it contains an active form of azelaic acid that can effectively penetrate the skin and exercise its blemish-fading powers. Use every night on blemishes in combination with retinol.