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Mild Acne

Patients with mild acne generally have many clogged pores but have only a few inflammatory pimples. Mild acne does not come with deeper-seated cystic nodules. There may be pink or red marks present called post-inflammatory erythema after pimples have resolved. If the patient picks at the acne, there can be scars.

Main Treatments

Use adapalene gel or other retinoid at night on the entire face
Use anti-acne cleansers when washing the face
If very oily, use anti-acne toner

Skin Care

Add ons

For new zits, use pimple spot treatment
For flat red or pink blemishes, use a blemish spot treatment
For any raised scars, use scar spot treatment

For Women Only

If you use hormonal contraception, make sure it’s acne-friendly birth control
If you are pregnant or attempting conception, your treatment options are more limited. Visit our page on acne during pregnancy
Breastfeeding patients may safely use all the treatments recommended on this page