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Pimple Spot Treatment

Retinol and benzoyl peroxide can help improve acne by preventing the formation of pimples, but what can you do once you already have a zit? This sulfur-based drying lotion is the answer! It works great for clearing up pimples. Simply apply to the spot with the pimple at bedtime, and sleep while it works. The catch: it doesn’t work for deep-seated nodules and cysts, which can only be helped by an injection of cortisone performed by a medical healthcare professional. As a reminder, NEVER squeeze or pick your acne. If you have the urge, just dab on this drying lotion instead, and your skin will thank you for it.

We recommend this spot treatment for pimples:

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Mario Badescu Drying Lotion
This sulfur-based drying lotion helps clear up superficial pimples (zits) when applied in the evening, just before sleep. It helps by reducing inflammation in the pimple; additionally, the sulfur has antibacterial activity. It’s a wonderful alternative to squeezing, picking, or popping zits! It won’t work on deep-seated cysts though.