11. A Lesson For Bodybuilders – Away with the Whey

Today's episode is entitled A Lesson For Bodybuilders - Away with the Whey. Whey, of course, is a popular supplement for gaining weight or putting on muscle, especially amongst bodybuilders. I want to talk about whey protein and how it can worsen acne, and you can get a tremendous acne breakout from your whey protein supplements.

Whey is a protein that helps small mammals, baby mammals, from the milk, to get big and strong and to build their muscle, but it also promotes the development of another growth factor called insulin-like growth factor 1. So as you consume whey in milk or in a protein supplement like a protein bar or a shake, your insulin-like growth factor 1 levels rise, and your oil glands have receptors for that growth factor. The oil glands basically start pumping out more and more oil, and then the pores get sludged up from the oil and the bacteria and other debris, and then you have acne. This acne tends to not only be on the face but also very commonly can be on the trunk, the shoulders, the upper chest, the upper back, even the entire back. It's quite noticeable for people who are sensitive to this that whey really flares up acne. There are great non-whey sources of protein supplements, such as egg white, pea and hemp protein that will not flare up the acne.

So Away with the Whey, a lesson for bodybuilders to avoid the whey protein in the supplements. And not just for bodybuilders, for anybody with acne who takes any sort of protein supplement or energy bar that has protein in it.

I'm Doctor Jacob, we'll see you next time.