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Toner (safe for use in pregnancy)

If you chose to use a skin toner during pregnancy, I recommend a toner with an acne-fighting ingredient called lactic acid. Lactic acid is an alpha-hydroxy-acid, but it’s one that is already in your bloodstream! Your muscles make it when you work out. Toner is good for oily areas on the face. Some people have dry or sensitive skin, and they should skip this toner. Some people have oily skin only in the T-zone: the forehead and the nose; they should apply toner only in the T-zone. And other people have oily skin throughout the face, and they can benefit from using a toner on the full face.

We recommend the following toner during pregnancy:

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PCA Skin Smoothing Toner
This toner is safe for use in pregnant acne patients. It has the acne-fighting alpha-hydroxy acid lactic acid as well as the beta-hydroxy acid citric acid (found in citrus fruits). If you have dry skin, toner is not for you. If you are oily, use it in the evening after washing your face, and you will assuredly see a reduction in acne and acne blemishes.